Behold the Magical Wand of Taylor Swift

The melodious voice comes floating from all the 8 corners of the surround sound system as you go into a state of transcendental meditation. It may take some time for you to recognize the voice as your mind is sweetly absorbed in its flow. Then you know it is none other than Taylor Alison Swift, the gifted singer and writer from Pennsylvania. The fusion of country, pop and rock music makes her compositions livelier and attractive for all the generations of music lovers. Swift attributes her abilities to Marjorie Finlay, her maternal grandmother who encouraged and supported her innovative singing abilities.

Best of Albums

Wildest dreams is said to be one of her best songs recorded for the making of an album. It is a musical ballad based on the theme of love. This is part of “1989”, the musical album with 13 highly popular songs made it to the billboard top since it was released in 2014. In this song she tries to portray the love she has for her man who leaves her and moves away after having an affair with her.

“This Love” is a song that represents the fluctuating emotions of a young girl in love. She feels both the “good” and “bad’ things of love going through her mind and transforming her personality as well as life. At some point she loses her grip over life and she finds her love back just in time.

You could feel the variations of rhythms as you listen to the best of albums from Taylor.  Most of her songs seem to be based on friendship, love, solitude, resentments and new beginnings in life. She has developed this mysterious power to “transport” her audience into a world of Trans with her musical talent. Perhaps this is one factor which makes her “numero uno” celebrity in the US and the entire world.

Achievements and Awards

She has received innumerable awards since she got the “Female vocalist of the year” in 2007. Her work “fearless” won her the album of year in 2009. Crystal Milestone, Jim Reeves, entertainer of the year, video of the year, 50th anniversary milestone worldwide artist and artist of the year are some of the awards she has won since then.

Billboard has awarded her with woman of the year in 2011 because of her success in multiple genres of music. She has received 10 Grammy awards and 8 awards from academy of country music. She has a special talent with country music which gets reflected in her songs like teardrops on my guitar, our song, picture to burn, and fifteen.


Taylor Swift as Individual

As an individual she is rarely motivated by fame and stardom, rather by her passion for singing and writing. According to many of her peers she gets so much focussed on her work that she sometimes loses tough with the external world around her. She is a serious follower of rules and practices honesty as a part of her personal and professional life wherever she goes or whatever she does.…