Legendary Recipes of Bobby Flay

Next time when you go out to taste Pizza dough, ask for the address of Bobby Flay so that you could get the best ever you can relish. There are many more wonderful recipes from this magical chef who hails from Manhattan. Though his forefathers are from Irish origin he is an American by heart and Appétit. His initial passion with recipes started with Baskin Robbins, a chain of ice cream shops in Massachusetts. After dropping out of high school at the age of 17, he managed to get a degree in culinary arts from the French culinary institute in the year 1984.

Changing Careers

Bobby Flay worked for a while at the American Stock Exchange somewhere before 1988, but he might have lost interest in this job and decided to return to his most favourite place on earth, the kitchen.

In the year 1993 he opened the BOLO bar and restaurant near Mesa Grill with a partner. Soon the business became so popular that he could open the second outlet in Las Vegas and the third at Manhattan within a span of a decade.  Bobby Flay has been involved in many TV shows all over USA, demonstrating his unique abilities in preparing tasty and high quality recipes. He is known as a great instructor and visiting chef. It was his eternal passion for culinary which prompted him to initiate the “Bobby Flay Scholarship” in the year 2003.

Film and radio are the other media in which he has been featured regularly all over the country and the world. His cooking shows are watched with avid interest and enthusiasm by every person who wishes to prepare an utterly delicious meal at home.

The Man and His Website

Bobby Flay has a dedicated website called www.bobbyflay.com. It would be great pleasure for you to visit his site in which he has literally flooded the pages with all sorts of veggie, meat and sea food recipes you can ever imagine.

In this website he has devoted a special section for “Fitness” he expresses his opinion about the importance of physical and psychological fitness which can be totally achieved with the help of healthy recipes. He believes moderation is the key to enjoying your food while keeping your health and fitness in good conditions.


Man with a Mission

Bobby Flay has been working relentlessly towards bringing the best of American and international recipes into your kitchen through TV, radio and internet channels. If you really wish to have a firsthand learning experience from the master chef without having to leave your kitchen, you can always visit http://bobbyflay.com/videos page. Here he has described multiple types of recipes through practical demonstrations. The tips which he gives have been practically proven success stories as they are filled with optimum cooking methods for every type of food you can think of preparing. You just need the ingredients, utensils and devices which help in making an extraordinary meal from ordinary ingredients. The “Bobby Flay” method of cooking makes all the difference all the way from your kitchen to the dining table.…