Effective Cardiovascular Exercises and Foods

Long distance waling early in the morning is said to be highly effective cardiovascular exercise for all age groups of people. It helps in relaxing of muscles, activation of nerves and veins, pump in fresh oxygenated blood and reduce the volume of stress. In fact any type of exercise that increases your heart rate can be considered good enough. You need to take care of avoiding overstressing your heart in this process. Some of the simplest exercises you can try out at home are listed here. You may also need to follow it up with the list of probable diet in order to make the exercises effective specforce abs review.

Treadmill Exercises

Walking or running on the treadmill with the floor elevation at an elevation of 2% to 5% is said to be highly useful for strengthening the heart valves and muscles. It also increases the rate at which the lungs absorb oxygen from the external environment. Besides it strengthens the nerves which originate from the heart and get distributed to all the parts of body.

Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical trailer help in imparting low impact exercises to your cardiovascular organs. The exercises which you perform on these machines are also free from stress on the joints. You need to care for some points like the stride length, inclination angle, arm handle and the value of resistance which can be adjusted. Always follow the instructions given by your trainer to get best of results from the exercises you perform.


Regular Exercises

The American heart association has recommended many aerobic exercises to keep your cardiovascular organs in healthy and fit condition.

  • Try and climb up/down the stairs in your apartment rather than depending on the use of elevators. It is highly useful exercise for your heart. It also strengthens your legs and thigh muscles.
  • Bike ride for about 30 minutes a day can help in keeping your cardiovascular organs in fit and working conditions. Swimming is said to be highly healthy for your heart and lungs.

Cardiovascular Foods

  • Foods that are rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids like Tuna, Salmon, and herring need to be consumed thrice a week in order to boost the health of heart and all the connective muscles and tissues.
  • Drinking one full cup of Pomegranate juice early in the morning before breakfast is one way of purifying your blood.
  • You need to avoid fat and cholesterol. Go for red wine instead of the hard stuff in the evening. Moderate drinking of wine (provided you are not allergic to alcohol) could help in enriching your heart. Consult your heart specialist or doctor before consuming wine.
  • Oatmeal is a cardio friendly food which you can add to your breakfast every alternate day. You can opt for whole grain products like bread and pasta which strengthen your cardiovascular muscles.
  • Reduce or quit smoking completely. It is a favour which you will be doing to your heart and lungs in the long run. It will also increase the volume of pure oxygen intake.