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See what is cooking at the Grand Old Party Today

The republican senator Benjamin Sasse stirred many hearts when he said “i would not vote for Trump” on October 11 2016. According to reports he is seen as the tip of a large iceberg which is threatening to become a Tsunami for the much publicized Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Opinion polls from 240+ republican house members showed at least 85+ people who have reservations about Trump going to polls as republican candidate. Even though official announcements have not been made on this issue, it is believed that Trump has got the wind of changing mood among his party men.  He may be left with two options now, go on a rampage against all those who are opposing him or try and woo them into his side with sustained “Positive” campaigning.

Time is Running Out

Time ticks away without waiting for anyone, no matter how powerful or influential they may be. This is exactly happening with Trump within his own party. Most of the “fear” in the minds of party members could be due to the “harsh approach” that he seemed to have adopted against anyone and anything which he perceives as his “enemy”.

There is another side of the coin which looks quite prospective for Trump. Many feel that it is due to the extent of diversity within the GOP, that the division looks visible. The debate is more concerned with the core values represented by the party rather than about the individuals who wish to represent the republicans in the coming elections. If Trump is able to take advantage of this difference of opinions he could still emerge as the sole nominee for the white house race from the GOP.


Root Causes of the Division

According to reports published in BBC on the 3rd of August, one of the senior party members had described Trump as psychologically unbalanced person. The divisions were clear when Trump reportedly refused to support two of his senior party members for the nomination, thus placing his own name ahead of them in the race. On the contrary the two seniors have reportedly supported the nomination of Trump.

The Aggressive stance adopted by Trump seems to be the root cause of all the troubles that he is creating for himself and his party. Some have gone to the extent of saying that he may be putting the system of US democracy under “threat” with his dictatorship style of functioning and statements. There are also fears of rigging the elections on the 8th of November which could pose serious threats to the process of Democratic election process. Some say that Trump is trying to play the cards of “fear phobia”, especially against the rise of Islamic terrorism and strikes on US soil.

What is Trump Doing

Right now Trump may be too busy consolidating his position for the republican nomination to the presidential election. But he needs to tone down his rhetoric and style of campaigning very soon if he wishes to take the battle ahead into the Clinton camp.