Course Of Elections And US Foreign Policies

Course of Elections and US Foreign Policies

One of the key focus points in the presidential elections 2016 has been US foreign policies in a changing volatile world. The two major candidates Clinton and Trump have been toeing on entirely opposing lines in many aspects. While Clinton is reportedly in favour of improving relations with China along with taking certain disciplinary actions to bring them in line with US interests, trump seems to be on the path to taking punitive actions against them all the way. Officially both of them welcome China’s growth into become second largest economy in the world, however Clinton seems to be more concerned with China’s failing Human Rights records in the past decade and its increasing interference in US interests across South China seas.

The ISIS Threat


According to the second set of PODESTA emails Clinton expressed her anguish over the increasing roles of Saudi Arabia and Qatar in funding ISIS, although the two nations deny doing so. Her primary target is to root out the ISIS from Syria and Iraq by extending support to Kurdish forces. According to reports she plans to dry the funding resources of ISIS from Libya running through to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Apart from taking military actions she also plans to take active steps in the social media to counter the radicalization of youth by ISIS.


Donald Trump’s policies seem to be more aggressive towards ISIS. According to one section of news reports he is opposed to the entry of particular religious section into USA. He says this has to be done in order to protect the civilians within the country from being shot and blown up by terrorists. According to him the current government has let the situation slip out of control in Libya, Syria, Egypt and Iraq. He promises to undo all such mistakes and bring America back into the path of eliminating global terror.

European Union

After the sudden exit of United Kingdom from the European Union, US seem to be worried about the stability of the EU in future. Large numbers of US companies have their investments in UK and rest of Europe.  It is the fear of recession in UK which threatens them. According to reports Trump seems to appreciate the exit of UK from the EU. This could be inspired by his policy of restricting illegal immigration from across the borders into USA just like UK did after the exit.


South Asia

American policies on South Asia, especially with reference to India have always unclear. There have been some indications about increasing economic cooperation. Hillary Clinton is certainly in favour of extending this cooperation into nuclear programs, anti terror operations and enhanced business ties. The old classical style of combining single blanket policy on India and Pakistan seems to be shifting to more rational approach. According to expert opinions South Asia policies of the Unites States would be Indian centric no matter who becomes the next president. This looks like good news for the Indians as of now. Only the future knows what it holds for the US policy changes in this region.