What is One Stitch Back Surgery?

One Stitch Back Surgery

One stitch back surgery, also known as “Band-Aid Back Surgery” is a special surgical procedure used to treat people that have been suffering from lower back pain. The condition known as lumbar spinal stenosis or LSS is a disease that over 1.2 million Americans are diagnosed with each year. It is very common to see this disease take root in people that are over the age of 50. Some common symptoms of LSS are a lower back pain that can usually be relieved if the person performs actions that cause them to lean forward, or sitting down.

 This “Band-Aid” procedure has been taking root in many clinics and is a low impact procedure that has been able to fill the gap in treatment options available to people suffering from LSS or other types of lower back pain. The clinical term for the procedure is minimally invasive lumbar decompression or minimally invasive spine surgery.

 The Treatment Gap

 Traditionally, patients suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis had to choose between non invasive procedures such as medications and chiropractic care or major spinal surgery including fusion procedures and open laminectomy. This has caused a problem in many cases as the medications and chiropractic therapy could only help to manage the pain, but it would never fully treat or be able to cure the issue, and many patients were not experiencing sufficient problems that would truly warrant a full invasive procedure. Consequently, for years, millions of LSS patients have been living and managing pain constantly. This is gap that the minimally invasive lumbar decompression treatment or “Band-Aid” procedure has been able to fill.

 How is Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression Performed

 The nickname for this procedure takes route in that the patient is given a very small incision no larger than a baby aspirin, and the doctor then inserts specialized tools into the opening to remove the small pieces of bone and excess ligament that has been causing the spinal canal to become narrowed (the cause of the pain for LLS patients). The doctor uses special imaging to be able to monitor the procedure and allow the space to be restored and relieve the compression of the nerves. The procedure generally requires no general anesthesia to perform, and usually requires no stitches to finish, hence the nickname “Band-Aid.” Sometimes only one small stick will be needed depending on the outcome of the procedure. 

 This is classified as an outpatient procedure, and most patients are able to feel relief almost immediately and can return home with improved mobility.

 Is Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Right for You?

 If you are suffering from LSS-like symptoms, then it is important that you talk with your doctor to make sure to ascertain the full extent of the condition. There may be other factors causing you the pain you may be suffering so it is important to determine these causes prior to choosing to have the Minimally Invasive Back Surgery procedure done. Currently the procedure is being done in very limited locations as it is still a new treatment option, be responsible as you discuss and plan your options. The good news is that the procedure has a very low complication rate, and many patients are able to have as much as 53% improvement in pain reduction and mobility. 



Innovative solutions to Herpes from Dr Christine Buehler

Innovative solutions to Herpes from Dr Christine Buehler

When herpes was first detected in the 460 BCE it was known by the name Hippocrates. The word herpes was derived from Greek which means “creeping characteristics”. It was perhaps due to the fact that the disease spreads all over the body once it enters through a specific point. The disease has been mentioned in almost all the medical and non medical literature since then. Innumerable attempts have been made by all branches of medicine all over the world for eliminating this disease. For some time it seemed to produce results, only to make the patients relapse into worst conditions.


Innovative Approaches 

Dr. Christine Buehler has been actively involved in researching on finding home remedies for herpes over many years. She has ventured into those critical aspects of understanding the disease for which there seemed to be no attempt made by the medical experts so far. Some of the highlights of her work are presented here.

  • The first step for finding an effective solution to any disease is to understand the patient physiology. This is especially true with respect to some deadly disease like herpes. It is due to the fact that every patient has a unique body composition which behaves in unique ways and it is different from others. Of course there are certain common characteristics among people which can be addressed in common, while keeping the uniqueness of physiological features of some people in perspective. This helps in finding a more customized solution to the disease rather than trying to inject a common medicine to everyone who has “jaundice”.
  • Once she was able to identify the unique physiological features of the affected people and categorize them into groups, she could start analyzing the effects of herpes on them. The study was painful and took many hours of in depth research on people. However she was able to arrive at the desired point from where solution was visible.
  • Her next step was to focus on stopping the disease from spreading to the other parts of the body from where it originated. That meant she had to find methods that could build a “wall” around the cells and tissues of the affected regions. This was perhaps the most challenging part as she took the help of only non invasive methods rather than putting the chemical and synthetic drugs prescribed by medical science into action. After several trial and error she was able to successfully build this wall of immunity around the herpes infected cells and tissues. It ensured that the further course of natural treatment could be concentrated to limited areas.
  • As you are aware, the human body is home to many negative antibody and autoimmune elements. They act against your own body when it is attacked by an external infection or disease. Similar elements were discovered by her when she started her research into elimination of herpes. Soon she started a new research on how to disconnect the link between these elements and the disease causing virus. Once the step was successfully realized; she was able to focus on the next step of eliminating the herpes virus from the body.

 Practical Solutions to Complex Problems  

  • Her innovative thinking methods had always simplified getting solutions to most complex problems during her education and practicing years also. This was no different. The challenge was specifically tough due to the nature of the herpes disease virus. When they are treated with a specific type of medicine to which they are new, they quickly beat a retreat and hide in the ganglion region

Effective Cardiovascular Exercises and Foods

Long distance waling early in the morning is said to be highly effective cardiovascular exercise for all age groups of people. It helps in relaxing of muscles, activation of nerves and veins, pump in fresh oxygenated blood and reduce the volume of stress. In fact any type of exercise that increases your heart rate can be considered good enough. You need to take care of avoiding overstressing your heart in this process. Some of the simplest exercises you can try out at home are listed here. You may also need to follow it up with the list of probable diet in order to make the exercises effective specforce abs review.

Treadmill Exercises

Walking or running on the treadmill with the floor elevation at an elevation of 2% to 5% is said to be highly useful for strengthening the heart valves and muscles. It also increases the rate at which the lungs absorb oxygen from the external environment. Besides it strengthens the nerves which originate from the heart and get distributed to all the parts of body.

Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical trailer help in imparting low impact exercises to your cardiovascular organs. The exercises which you perform on these machines are also free from stress on the joints. You need to care for some points like the stride length, inclination angle, arm handle and the value of resistance which can be adjusted. Always follow the instructions given by your trainer to get best of results from the exercises you perform.


Regular Exercises

The American heart association has recommended many aerobic exercises to keep your cardiovascular organs in healthy and fit condition.

  • Try and climb up/down the stairs in your apartment rather than depending on the use of elevators. It is highly useful exercise for your heart. It also strengthens your legs and thigh muscles.
  • Bike ride for about 30 minutes a day can help in keeping your cardiovascular organs in fit and working conditions. Swimming is said to be highly healthy for your heart and lungs.

Cardiovascular Foods

  • Foods that are rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids like Tuna, Salmon, and herring need to be consumed thrice a week in order to boost the health of heart and all the connective muscles and tissues.
  • Drinking one full cup of Pomegranate juice early in the morning before breakfast is one way of purifying your blood.
  • You need to avoid fat and cholesterol. Go for red wine instead of the hard stuff in the evening. Moderate drinking of wine (provided you are not allergic to alcohol) could help in enriching your heart. Consult your heart specialist or doctor before consuming wine.
  • Oatmeal is a cardio friendly food which you can add to your breakfast every alternate day. You can opt for whole grain products like bread and pasta which strengthen your cardiovascular muscles.
  • Reduce or quit smoking completely. It is a favour which you will be doing to your heart and lungs in the long run. It will also increase the volume of pure oxygen intake.

Fighting Pollution in the Great American Cities

Many centuries ago a man living in the middle of desert wanted to keep his skin free from the effects of sand around him. He tried several experiments from covering up his body completely with sand proof clothes to covering his house completely with glass. He only succeeded in getting sun burns. It looks like health conscious people in USA are trying their level best to repeat the same experiment with increasing pollution today. According to reports from the American Lungs Association released in 2016, the index of air quality seems to be rising from the 0-50 range towards higher values. Any value between 101 and 300 is considered to be unhealthy in nature. The index values in many cities are in fact going beyond the highest value into the region of hazardous zone.


What Can You Do to Protect Your Family

It is obvious that you won’t be able to go out today and shut down all the pollution creating industries, mines and other sources. It is also not possible for you to clean up the environment single handed. However you could make little start by taking the first steps. Plant a few saplings around your flat or apartment today. If you have a garden and space enough for trees, you could plant a Neem sapling, a coconut plant and few plants   of basil. They help in reducing the concentration of pollutants within your living space. You can also get Neem Bonsai plants which can be grown in small pots. Take 10 to 15 such plants and spread them all over your apartment. Trust me you will be able to feel the difference in your health conditions very soon.

  • Drink plenty of pure water every morning just after you brush your teeth. It helps in removing the toxic elements that have been accumulated within your bowels and other internal organs of your body.
  • Neem leaves extract are said to be highly effective for protection from common allergies and infections due to pollution. Take two teaspoons of neem extract, one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of Aloe Vera liquid in a bowl. Mix them well and drink ½ cup every evening after you return from work. It helps in purification of your blood and lungs which have been exposed to pollution during the day.
  • You could use the combination of lemon juice, honey, castor oil and Olive oil in equal proportions to prepare a massage liquid. Heat the ingredients after mixing them for about 1 minute. Add few pieces of garlic and let the liquid cool for about 15 minutes, then you can apply onto your skin parts that get exposed to external pollution when you go out. Let the liquid soak your skin for about 20 minutes before washing with warm water.

Diet Patterns

Make sure that your diet consists of vitamin C and E as critical ingredients. Minerals and natural oils help you in maintaining fat and cholesterol free food chain.…

General News

The Eternal Search for Life in Mars

Tracing of gasses liked to biologically related activities in mars would soon be triggered with the launching of the new EXOMARS ORBITER which is expected to be near mars within the next few days. The primary reason for this search could be explore the possibilities of life sustaining elements on this planet. NASA reportedly stated that it could find traces of methane around the planet, further fuelling the speculations of life. No solid evidence has been produced so far by the scientists and space researchers in this regard so far. Many missions have already been launched for detecting the presence of water within the inner layers of Mars’ land surface. They could lead to the probability of establishing “human colonies” in mars in the future years!

Landing on Mars

 The first known landing on Mars started with the Viking expedition in 1976 July. Viking 1 has successfully sent vital data and information from the surface of Mars over many decades. It worked for more than 2300 days, travelling on the varying conditions and analyzing all types of soil, rock and other samples.

Viking was loaded with several analytical and research equipment which could perform studies into the existence of life. Most of the studies have been centred on the chemical reactions which take place in the Mars soil due to its interaction with life. There are a lot of differences between the organic chemical reactions which results from lively species and the inorganic reactions that happen due to interaction of chemicals. The scientists are still divided over the outcome of studies related to chemical reactions on the Mars soil.


Microbial Life on Mars

After failing to find life on the surface of Mars, the scientists are now turning their attention to the probable existence of microbial life within the inner layers of Mars’ surface. There have been widespread speculations that this experiment could lead to positive results. The baffling feature of this research is the “firm belief” expressed by NASA about the existence of life on Mars.

If you start probing deep into the research, you may be surprised to learn about the reasons for NASA’s insistence. There have been substantial proofs of radioactive carbon moving vertically upwards in Mars. The same phenomena were observed when similar experiments were conducted with microbial life on earth.

Minerals on Mars

Apart from possible life, there is scope of getting plentiful of useful minerals in Mars which could be sufficient to fulfil the energy requirements of earth for many centuries into the future. However the methods and means of transporting these minerals back to earth from this planet seems to be an impossible task. That could be another reason for NASA to look for life here, so that humans can go and settle in Mars which is said to be simpler and effective in nature. Once any positive results are obtained from the experiments to search for life, the next steps to shift human population onto Mars won’t be far away, say the scientists from NASA.…

General News

See what is cooking at the Grand Old Party Today

The republican senator Benjamin Sasse stirred many hearts when he said “i would not vote for Trump” on October 11 2016. According to reports he is seen as the tip of a large iceberg which is threatening to become a Tsunami for the much publicized Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Opinion polls from 240+ republican house members showed at least 85+ people who have reservations about Trump going to polls as republican candidate. Even though official announcements have not been made on this issue, it is believed that Trump has got the wind of changing mood among his party men.  He may be left with two options now, go on a rampage against all those who are opposing him or try and woo them into his side with sustained “Positive” campaigning.

Time is Running Out

Time ticks away without waiting for anyone, no matter how powerful or influential they may be. This is exactly happening with Trump within his own party. Most of the “fear” in the minds of party members could be due to the “harsh approach” that he seemed to have adopted against anyone and anything which he perceives as his “enemy”.

There is another side of the coin which looks quite prospective for Trump. Many feel that it is due to the extent of diversity within the GOP, that the division looks visible. The debate is more concerned with the core values represented by the party rather than about the individuals who wish to represent the republicans in the coming elections. If Trump is able to take advantage of this difference of opinions he could still emerge as the sole nominee for the white house race from the GOP.


Root Causes of the Division

According to reports published in BBC on the 3rd of August, one of the senior party members had described Trump as psychologically unbalanced person. The divisions were clear when Trump reportedly refused to support two of his senior party members for the nomination, thus placing his own name ahead of them in the race. On the contrary the two seniors have reportedly supported the nomination of Trump.

The Aggressive stance adopted by Trump seems to be the root cause of all the troubles that he is creating for himself and his party. Some have gone to the extent of saying that he may be putting the system of US democracy under “threat” with his dictatorship style of functioning and statements. There are also fears of rigging the elections on the 8th of November which could pose serious threats to the process of Democratic election process. Some say that Trump is trying to play the cards of “fear phobia”, especially against the rise of Islamic terrorism and strikes on US soil.

What is Trump Doing

Right now Trump may be too busy consolidating his position for the republican nomination to the presidential election. But he needs to tone down his rhetoric and style of campaigning very soon if he wishes to take the battle ahead into the Clinton camp.…

Course Of Elections And US Foreign Policies

Course of Elections and US Foreign Policies

One of the key focus points in the presidential elections 2016 has been US foreign policies in a changing volatile world. The two major candidates Clinton and Trump have been toeing on entirely opposing lines in many aspects. While Clinton is reportedly in favour of improving relations with China along with taking certain disciplinary actions to bring them in line with US interests, trump seems to be on the path to taking punitive actions against them all the way. Officially both of them welcome China’s growth into become second largest economy in the world, however Clinton seems to be more concerned with China’s failing Human Rights records in the past decade and its increasing interference in US interests across South China seas.

The ISIS Threat


According to the second set of PODESTA emails Clinton expressed her anguish over the increasing roles of Saudi Arabia and Qatar in funding ISIS, although the two nations deny doing so. Her primary target is to root out the ISIS from Syria and Iraq by extending support to Kurdish forces. According to reports she plans to dry the funding resources of ISIS from Libya running through to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Apart from taking military actions she also plans to take active steps in the social media to counter the radicalization of youth by ISIS.


Donald Trump’s policies seem to be more aggressive towards ISIS. According to one section of news reports he is opposed to the entry of particular religious section into USA. He says this has to be done in order to protect the civilians within the country from being shot and blown up by terrorists. According to him the current government has let the situation slip out of control in Libya, Syria, Egypt and Iraq. He promises to undo all such mistakes and bring America back into the path of eliminating global terror.

European Union

After the sudden exit of United Kingdom from the European Union, US seem to be worried about the stability of the EU in future. Large numbers of US companies have their investments in UK and rest of Europe.  It is the fear of recession in UK which threatens them. According to reports Trump seems to appreciate the exit of UK from the EU. This could be inspired by his policy of restricting illegal immigration from across the borders into USA just like UK did after the exit.


South Asia

American policies on South Asia, especially with reference to India have always unclear. There have been some indications about increasing economic cooperation. Hillary Clinton is certainly in favour of extending this cooperation into nuclear programs, anti terror operations and enhanced business ties. The old classical style of combining single blanket policy on India and Pakistan seems to be shifting to more rational approach. According to expert opinions South Asia policies of the Unites States would be Indian centric no matter who becomes the next president. This looks like good news for the Indians as of now. Only the future knows what it holds for the US policy changes in this region.…


Reflections from US Presidential Election Polls

November 8 2016 shall be the decisive day in US and world politics as the nation goes to elect its next president.  There are five strong candidates from the Democratic (Hillary Clinton), Republican (Donald trump), Libertarian (Gary Earl Johnson), Green (Jill Stein), Constitution (Darrell Castle) parties and one Independent nominee (Evan McMullin). According some of the recent forecasts online, the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton seems to be favoured to become next president. However republican Donald trump is not far behind. With 26 days and 13 hours to go the results could favour anyone. With so much of attention on these two main runners, the others seem to have been pushed to the sidelines. Today we take a look at some these nominees and their contributions.

Gary Earl Johnson

Gary Earl Johnson is an author, business entrepreneur and a politician from Minot in North Dakota. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Mexico in 1975.

  • He was elected as the Republican governor of New Mexico twice in succession from 1994 to 2012 due to his efforts to bring social, economical, political and cultural changes for betterment in the state. He was responsible for budget surplus in the state, bringing sizeable cuts to the state government size and expenses.
  • He was able to stop increases in taxes for six years, improved health services and vetoed more than 750 bills, which is said to be higher than all the other state governors could manage to do.

In 2011 December he joined the Libertarian party and got nominated as the presidential nominee. He polled 3% of the votes, while he had aimed at 5% which would give rights for federal funding and ballot access to the Libertarian candidates. He has been campaigning for the 2016 presidential elections and he can be reached at


Darrell Castle

Darrell Castle is an attorney from Memphis with major degrees in Law, political science and history (1966 to 1970). He has served as officer in the US Marine Corps and worked as attorney. In this year’s campaign he has made protection of the US constitution as one of his main goals. Withdrawal from UN and NATO is another agenda he is working for. He can be contacted at

Jill Stein

Jill Stein is a physician and politician from Chicago. She has been a medical practitioner for over 25 years after completing her graduation from Harvard medical School. Since 1998 she has been working to improve the social life of people in order to bring better health conditions. She has also been in the forefront of environmental movements in the Unites States since 1998. In this year’s campaign she is focusing on ending unemployment and poverty. Strengthen national economy and deescalate the rates of pollution. She hopes to bring about substantial volume of transformation in peoples mindset over bringing a third party to power other than the Democrats and Republicans who have been winning so far. She can be contacted at…


Legendary Recipes of Bobby Flay

Next time when you go out to taste Pizza dough, ask for the address of Bobby Flay so that you could get the best ever you can relish. There are many more wonderful recipes from this magical chef who hails from Manhattan. Though his forefathers are from Irish origin he is an American by heart and Appétit. His initial passion with recipes started with Baskin Robbins, a chain of ice cream shops in Massachusetts. After dropping out of high school at the age of 17, he managed to get a degree in culinary arts from the French culinary institute in the year 1984.

Changing Careers

Bobby Flay worked for a while at the American Stock Exchange somewhere before 1988, but he might have lost interest in this job and decided to return to his most favourite place on earth, the kitchen.

In the year 1993 he opened the BOLO bar and restaurant near Mesa Grill with a partner. Soon the business became so popular that he could open the second outlet in Las Vegas and the third at Manhattan within a span of a decade.  Bobby Flay has been involved in many TV shows all over USA, demonstrating his unique abilities in preparing tasty and high quality recipes. He is known as a great instructor and visiting chef. It was his eternal passion for culinary which prompted him to initiate the “Bobby Flay Scholarship” in the year 2003.

Film and radio are the other media in which he has been featured regularly all over the country and the world. His cooking shows are watched with avid interest and enthusiasm by every person who wishes to prepare an utterly delicious meal at home.

The Man and His Website

Bobby Flay has a dedicated website called It would be great pleasure for you to visit his site in which he has literally flooded the pages with all sorts of veggie, meat and sea food recipes you can ever imagine.

In this website he has devoted a special section for “Fitness” he expresses his opinion about the importance of physical and psychological fitness which can be totally achieved with the help of healthy recipes. He believes moderation is the key to enjoying your food while keeping your health and fitness in good conditions.


Man with a Mission

Bobby Flay has been working relentlessly towards bringing the best of American and international recipes into your kitchen through TV, radio and internet channels. If you really wish to have a firsthand learning experience from the master chef without having to leave your kitchen, you can always visit page. Here he has described multiple types of recipes through practical demonstrations. The tips which he gives have been practically proven success stories as they are filled with optimum cooking methods for every type of food you can think of preparing. You just need the ingredients, utensils and devices which help in making an extraordinary meal from ordinary ingredients. The “Bobby Flay” method of cooking makes all the difference all the way from your kitchen to the dining table.…


Behold the Magical Wand of Taylor Swift

The melodious voice comes floating from all the 8 corners of the surround sound system as you go into a state of transcendental meditation. It may take some time for you to recognize the voice as your mind is sweetly absorbed in its flow. Then you know it is none other than Taylor Alison Swift, the gifted singer and writer from Pennsylvania. The fusion of country, pop and rock music makes her compositions livelier and attractive for all the generations of music lovers. Swift attributes her abilities to Marjorie Finlay, her maternal grandmother who encouraged and supported her innovative singing abilities.

Best of Albums

Wildest dreams is said to be one of her best songs recorded for the making of an album. It is a musical ballad based on the theme of love. This is part of “1989”, the musical album with 13 highly popular songs made it to the billboard top since it was released in 2014. In this song she tries to portray the love she has for her man who leaves her and moves away after having an affair with her.

“This Love” is a song that represents the fluctuating emotions of a young girl in love. She feels both the “good” and “bad’ things of love going through her mind and transforming her personality as well as life. At some point she loses her grip over life and she finds her love back just in time.

You could feel the variations of rhythms as you listen to the best of albums from Taylor.  Most of her songs seem to be based on friendship, love, solitude, resentments and new beginnings in life. She has developed this mysterious power to “transport” her audience into a world of Trans with her musical talent. Perhaps this is one factor which makes her “numero uno” celebrity in the US and the entire world.

Achievements and Awards

She has received innumerable awards since she got the “Female vocalist of the year” in 2007. Her work “fearless” won her the album of year in 2009. Crystal Milestone, Jim Reeves, entertainer of the year, video of the year, 50th anniversary milestone worldwide artist and artist of the year are some of the awards she has won since then.

Billboard has awarded her with woman of the year in 2011 because of her success in multiple genres of music. She has received 10 Grammy awards and 8 awards from academy of country music. She has a special talent with country music which gets reflected in her songs like teardrops on my guitar, our song, picture to burn, and fifteen.


Taylor Swift as Individual

As an individual she is rarely motivated by fame and stardom, rather by her passion for singing and writing. According to many of her peers she gets so much focussed on her work that she sometimes loses tough with the external world around her. She is a serious follower of rules and practices honesty as a part of her personal and professional life wherever she goes or whatever she does.…